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Why a Good Smile Is Worth It By Ron Matsuura, DDS

19 Nov

It’s common knowledge that a nice smile and healthy white teeth are valuable assets. Whether you are interviewing for a job or meeting a new romantic interest, feeling good about your teeth will help you project confidence.

A recent scientific study gives us further understanding of why having nice teeth is not just good for your health but can improve your life in other ways as well. British researchers at Central Lancashire and Leeds universities conducted a psychological experiment using digitally altered photographs of models, changing both the spacing and the color of the models’ teeth. Based on the results of viewer responses, they concluded that white, well-spaced teeth not only are considered more attractive, as we might expect, but also convey biological clues to potential mates.

Not unlike a peacock’s tail, a human’s healthy teeth are a sign of wellness and good genetic traits. Be sure you are projecting your best self with dental care and cosmetic solutions from Ron Matsuura, DDS.