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The Importance of Microorganisms in Oral Health By Ron Matsuura, DDS

1 Nov

One of the biggest factors in determining one’s oral health is the system of microorganisms that live in the human mouth. As soon as a person is born, his or her oral microbiome starts to form, but this system is altered by the new bacteria that enter the mouth in both childhood and adulthood. How do these genetic and environmental factors interact, and how does this affect oral health?

Although there is a great deal of overlap in microbial species among all humans, a new study has shown that a person’s environment has a bigger impact on his or her mouth’s microbial setup than does his or her genetic makeup. By studying groups of twins, researchers found that genetic relatedness was less important than a common environment in determining the makeup of the mouth’s microorganisms.

This important finding serves to underscore what dentists have always told their patients: proper dental care has a determinative effect on oral health. While some people have the genetic odds in their favor, everyone should make good dental care a priority for their overall health. At the practice of Ron Matsuura, DDS, we have the tools to empower you to take control of your oral health.